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[ 导读 ] In 14th June, the start-up and investment conference was hold during 2018 GLOBAL AI+NEW BUSINESS SUMMIT


From 13rd to 15th June 2018, EO Co. Ltd held "AI POWERS INDUSTRY: 2018 GLOBAL AI+NEW BUSINESS SUMMIT". In 14th June, "Netherlands-China AI Start-Up & Investment Conference"  was hold in one Extension Conference named AI+ International Summit. The representatives are from  EO Intelligence,investmennt companies, Embassy of the Netherlands, CHANGNING Government and innovation companies of the Netherlands such as Dashmote, Solf and LegalThings.

The Netherland-China AI Start-Up & Investment Conference starts at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. Zhang Fan, Senior Research Director of EO Intelligence, moderated this Conference. In Warm-Up part, each side gave a brief introduction about themselves.

Then, respensitive  of Investors shared their opinions about AI investment. Xiaocheng Zhu, partner of Powercloud VC briefly initiated the AI companies which he invested inside and outside China. More importantly, he discribed the logic for searching the oversea AI project to invest. Another investor, Zhang Di,currency partner from KTECH, emphasized on their advantages in assistanting foreign entrepreneurs applying Chinese Visa, and helping them explore target market in China. Similarly, he introduced his opinions about investment.

Bart van Hezewijk,the Technology and Innovation Officer from Netherland Embassy asked questions about China government policies for people from other countries applying Chinese Visa. Peiyi Zhu,the secretary in Changning Entrepreneurship Association, mentioned one sixth foreigners in Shanghai settled in living in Changing. In official website they offer online application for 2-3 Visa (in Chinese).There is also an English Vision of official website which described a lot law & Regulations. The example link of English Vison is Application Guide for Automatic Import Licenses (Electromechanical Products).

The Netherlands Innovation Company who planed to attend the conference are as followed.

Crobox ( combines behavioural psychology with AI to drive online performance and purchase intent on leading eCommerce webshops. Our persuasion framework gives actionable insight into consumers’ subconscious attitudes toward product messaging. With this knowledge, we can motivate consumers from a different angle by communicating the right message at the right time in the online journey. Discover the why behind the buy. 

Dashmote ( is an AI-Powered insights platform that "turns images into insights”. We help identify trends and other consumer insights, increasing brand performance in both product development and marketing. Dashmote is already works successfully with brands such as Unilever, Coca-Cola Heineken and Philips across the EU, US and Asia.

LegalThings ( created a tool-kit to digitize every possible transaction that involves people, data and documents. Create and reorganize agreements and signing process with blockchain technology.

Solf ( aims to make data analytics easier for brands and retail companies active on Chinese e-commerce platforms (Tmall, JD, etc.). Our core product is a chatbot functioning as automated data analyst. We deliver automated reporting in order to save time as well as predictive insights (e.g. sales forecasting, customer intelligence, price optimization) in order to retrieve more value from data.

In the end, Zhang Fan introduced EO Intelligence and shared their research findings in AI area. EO Intelligence focuses on studying industry innovations, especially those innovations driven by new technologies, new business concepts or new policies. From March 2017 till now, EO Intelligence had published up to 20 reports in AI area, which covered industries such as automobile, finance, smart home, healthcare, pharmacy, education, retail, public security, agriculture, legal services, content production (which was also related to marketing), and so on. As the result, there are three industries outstanding commercialized in China: public security, finance, internet Services, enterprise services. 

In Public Security field, products like intelligent camera and analysis system could help recognize individuals and vehicles. In Finance field, intelligent risk management and quantitative investment applications are better commercialized, and the Finance industry itself had accumulated huge amounts of data, which is also a good foundation for the application of AI. In the field of Internet services, translation, special effect, intelligent recommendation, speech input is mainly provided. As to Enterprise services, intelligent marketing and customer service is the two most commercialized applications of AI, which are also benefited from the good data accumulation of the industry as well as the highly developed Dialog System technology.

Most of their report is published in Chinese. The free download wechat QR code is provided in following picture.

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